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Our Free Tools

These are some original SEO tools we’ve created over time. Most of these were developed because they didn’t already exist, and we needed them for efficiency.

I’m running them here on our domain, and if you use WordPress, then you can get them too, with the white label SEO plugins at SEO Automatic.

Activate links in Excel spreadsheets
Ever needed to make hundreds or thousands of links live in Excel spreadsheet, after importing or pasting from another program? For some reason, no versions of Excel will do that, (STUPID) so we developed a macro you can download and use for free, with Office 2003 to 2010 (so far).

Bulk URL checker
Have you ever needed to check a large number of URL’s to see which pages in a list are 404 Not found? Have you ever needed a list of all the redirects that are in place for a list of URL’s?
We simply needed this functionality and a tool didn’t seem to exist, so now it’s here – Coming soon as a WordPress plugin too!

Keyword List Multiplier
Here’s the first tool we ever created for this site, and it allows you to easily and instantly combine keyword lists so you can “cover all the bases” when it comes to variations. This used to be an endless process of copying and pasting, and now you simply have to push a button!

Instant SEO Review
All of the on page organic ranking factors, like title, description, keywords, header tags and more can now be instantly summarized with my own commentary about each factor, and links to relevant articles I’ve written.

I can’t imagine a more comprehensive tool being available for free anywhere on the planet, so please do check it out and be sure to leave me some feedback.

Put RSS Feeds on any website
This tool was born out of necessity, and came from hearing the frustration coming out of many developers we’ve worked with over the past few years concerning “How to add an RSS feed to a webpage”.

We developed our own tool that will run pretty much any feed on any site, making the feed appear in the right size box, with the right font or length.

The feed it creates does provide a link back to the tool, so for those that are interested, there’s a pro version at which allows for backlink removal.

Brandable Search Engine Ranking Reports
As the exclusive US distributor of UK based Interwebbing ranking reports, we’ve worked with them for over two years perfecting their reporting system.

Get rankings delivered for up to 500 search phrase per domain. Reports are delivered to your clients from you, branded with your company logo and information. Finally, a “white label” reporting service you can depend on.

SEO Toolbar
You can also try our free Search Commander, Inc. Toolbar that’s
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