Keyword Search Volume Checker

Search Volume comparison My new search volume checker tool below answers that simple yet elusive question, “Which phrase gets more searches on Google, ‘phrase A’ or ‘phrase B’?

Google used to offer the ability to get search volume for a specific set of phrases in the old Adwords Keyword tool, but they got rid of it entirely back in 2012.

Remember there USED to be a box you could uncheck in the old tool, that would let you remove Google’s added suggestions?

It was called USE SYNONYMS –

Old Google Keyword Tool RIP

Sadly, you can’t do that anymore in the Google Keyword Planner which appends hundreds, or even thousands of additional keywords to your queries..

This tool below gives you what Google took away, using the API from our Spyfu account, showing the count for “Exact Global Daily Search Volume”.

spyfu logoI can’t give you unlimited use, but you can add about 25 phrases or so in the box below.

If you need more than that, or want more than just simple counts, you can get your own Spyfu account here.

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