I began selling software online in 1999, and I began helping others with their sites as an internet consultant in 2002.



I’ve worked in dozens of industries, and on hundreds of websites, ranging from large online retailers to single location local businesses.



I offer a free introductory phone call, to give you an honest evaluation of your situation, with no strings and no sales pitch.

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google-partner No matter what size your team is, I can add strength to your weak areas in a variety of ways.  Check out my rates, and feel free to schedule a free call any time.

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Examine your local listingsAre You a Local Business?
Scans the internet by your business name and zip code, and shows a visibility score for Google, Yahoo and Bing. You then get access to more details covering local citation pages, local search, business directories, social media, a reputation section, and even an on-page SEO report, all for no charge at this time.

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As an Internet Consultant…

Years ago, in my mind I used to separate “Search Engine Optimization” and “Internet marketing”, actually believing that the latter meant strictly “paid listings”, as in pay per click or banner ads.

Back in 2004 I wanted to specialize ONLY in organic SEO, but over the years I came to realize they were inevitably intertwined, and that any balanced campaign should include Pay Per Click advertising to at least “bridge the gaps”.

Nowadays, especially on mobile and tablets, the ads have become so prominent that users often have to scroll one or even two swipes past ads and Google Maps locationsbefore they even see the #1 organic listing.

“Search engine optimization” and “Internet marketing” have never been more closely aligned than they are at this point in time, and that’s why I became a Google Partner.


My History in Search:

I first began selling software online in 1999, then tinkering with pay per click advertising in 2001, while building a computer software and hardware business.

One day while visiting a law firm (that had had found me on Yahoo for “computer repair”), we started discussing Yellow Page advertising and Internet marketing. I ended up putting a pay per click campaign in place for them, and within just hours began having success.

In 2004, I began appearing on the front page of the search engines for some generic search terms like “internet consultant”, so I decided to put all of my attention into search, and gradually exited the other areas of my business, so I could focus exclusively on search marketing.

Search Commander, Inc. became my operational business name, and today I work with companies in multiple countries helping maximize their internet visibility through a combination of paid and organic search marketing.

I’ve developed a unique method of helping you in the ways you need most, to work in harmony with your existing staff however large or small they might be.

Please feel free to browse my website, use my free tools,  take a look at my rates, and if you’ve read this far, maybe schedule a free call?

My Recent Blog Posts…

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