I began selling software online in 1999, and I began helping others as an internet marketing consultant in 2002.



I’ve worked in hundreds of industries, ranging from large online retailers, to single location local businesses.



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google-partnerI developed my own tool that lets you copy and paste your URL into a box and press a button, so in just a minute, I can give you details and advice about that particular webpage.

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Internet Marketing Consultant

As an Internet marketing consultant, I used to separate “Search Engine Optimization” and “Internet marketing” years ago, actually believing that the latter meant strictly “paid listings”, as in pay per click or banner ads.

Around 2004 I wanted to specialize ONLY in organic SEO, but over the years I finally realized they’re intertwined, and any balanced campaign should include Pay Per Click advertising to at least “bridge the gaps”.

For example, my own website may rank on the first page for “Internet consultant” but it does not rank well at all for the phrase “search marketing”. Therefore, to maximize my visibility, pay per click advertising could be used to be visible on the first page for the “search marketing” phrase.

If I wanted to increase my organic visibility for the phrase “search marketing” then I would have to add more relevant quality content, and obtain more reputable inbound links from other relevant websites who themselves rank for the phrase “search marketing “.

With Pay Per Click, I can bid on phrases that I don’t rank well for organically. As organic search rankings change, so does the needs for paid listings, and “search engine optimization” and “Internet marketing” have never been more closely aligned than they are at this point in time, and that’s why Search Commander, Inc. became a Google Adwords partner.

Organically, great search engine rankings are achieved through a combination of many factors, but in the end, it really all boils down to just three things, in my opinion.

  • Site Structure
  • Content
  • Links

Site Structure

Your website must be built on a good foundation, in such a way that the search engine spiders visit you regularly, and when they do, they don’t encounter site errors. You need to ensure that they crawl every section of your site, and do so on a regular basis.

I have an entire section of my website devoted to the basics of search engine marketing and optimization, called SEO 101, and if you haven’t reviewed that section to learn some of the fundamentals, then you may want to go there now.


You must have good quality content, that is either “evergreen”, so that it’s timelessly relevant, or it’s frequently updated. You want content on your website that does not become stagnant or outdated.

Additional content should be added on a regular basis, so the site continues to grow in size and visibility. The phrase “content is king” is absolutely true, and if a site is not growing, then it’s going to be surpassed in rankings eventually, that’s just the way it is.

How much content should you add? That really depends on the evaluation of your competition, and how much content they are adding, and how fast their websites are growing.


Once you have a well structured site with good content, then you’re off to the races, but obtaining inbound links is  another key to success. After the site is built properly and you have good content being added regularly, you need other people to “vote” for you, with a “vote” being an inbound link from their website.  Google still ranks websites based on structure and content, but most importantly, they care about who is linking to you.

To be clear, it is untrue that “whoever has the most incoming links wins“. As far back as 2007, the algorithms evolved to become more about the quality and trust factor of those sites that are linking to you, and in 2012, the Google Penguin update actually made attempting “rank manipulation” with text links dangerous.

Why Me?

I first began selling software online in 1999, then tinkering with pay per click advertising in 2001, while building a computer software and hardware business.

One day while visiting a law firm (that had had found me on Yahoo for “computer repair”), we started discussing Yellow Page advertising and Internet marketing. I ended up putting a pay per click campaign in place for them, and within just hours began having success.

In 2004, I began appearing on the front page of the search engines for some generic search terms like “internet consultant”, ao I decided to put all of my attention into search, and gradually exited the other areas of my business, so I could focus exclusively on search marketing.

Search Commander, Inc. became my operational business name, and today I work with companies in multiple countries helping maximize their internet visibility through a combination of paid and organic search marketing.

I’ve developed a unique method of helping you in the ways you need most, to work in harmony with your existing staff however large or small they might be.

Please feel free to browse my website, use my free tools,  take a look at my rates, and if you’ve read this far, maybe schedule a free call?

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