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My “Always Current” Current Settings

Download Scott Hendisons Yoast WordPress SEO SettingsThese are our recommended settings for the Yoast SEO plugin, and it’s always current for the latest Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.

The default settings of the Yoast SEO Plugin simply doesn’t cover everything. Instead of just using the default setup, (which doesn’t even generate a description tag), you can download and import my own settings directly from Dropbox.

After You Import:

Check your plugin settings tabs, and you’ll see that all the default syntax has been replaced, and will now generate 100% unique titles, description tags, pagination, and even kw tags on every page all the way down to the category and tag level. Any SEO Test should come out meta perfect. If not, please tell me about it.

Report Errors with the Yoast Plugin

There are PLENTY of problems with this plugin, and it seems like he breaks functionality all the time, but it’s usually fixed pretty quickly since there are some noisy SEO’s out there when something breaks.  

You should report all Yoast WordPress SEO issues here at Github.  We have been searching and searching for a replacement and have not found one yet, so as of June 2014, its still the best choice.   

The Yoast WP SEO plugin offers the widest variety of flexible setup options of any SEO plugin, including its most useful option, the ability to import and export your settings from site to site. Remember, support for the plugin should be obtained here, rather than at WordPress.org.

These settings are detailed in my November 2015 Pubcon slides below:

>As one of the first 400 or so users of the plugin that now has over 10 million downloads, I’ve seen it evolve tremendously, and I understand it inside and out. Over the years, I’ve developed what I believe to be optimal settings after installation.

Download Scott Hendisons Yoast WordPress SEO Settings

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