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Googlefight quit working more than a couple of years agoThere used to be a fun free tool called GoogleFight that quit working a few years ago. It was great for getting quick answers, like “What gets searched for more often, “apples” or “oranges?”

Because I consistently have unused API credits with SEMrush, and because the pandemic of 2020 has led to some down time, I thought it would be neat to recreate their tool, so we did.

Which Phrase Gets More Monthly Searches on Google?


If you’d like to get results for a list of keywords, rather than getting them here one at a time, you can use my bulk search volume tool.  Since both tools use our own (paid) API, I’m not able to add them to the free WordPress Site Tools plugin.

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  1. Pooja Josh

    Simplicity is the key.

    Just put two keywords that you can think of and decide which one has the greater search volume.

    Sometimes it difficult to think about simple way of doing things while it is always in front of you.

    Great Work Guys! Keep it up.

    Cheers, Pooja Josh


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