Why Hire Me as Your SEO Consultant?

I work directly with your existing web designers, marketing departments, and IT staff to ensure maximum visibility for your domain on the search engines.

What makes me different?
Unlike most large search marketing firms, my goal is not to replace your existing staff, but instead, to help you leverage your existing resources by educating your team.

If you have no team, we’ll charge not one penny extra to become that team as long as we’re together. Manage your hosting? Edit your website? No problem, no extra.

Implement Google Analytics? Manage your Facebook page? Not a problem, and we’re happy to do it inclusively with our fees.

On the other hand, if you’ve already got a marketing department, an IT department, a social media department, a content department, a web developer, etc. then my goal is to bridge the gaps, allowing everything to work with efficiency and synergy in your existing operation.

We do not require that you allow us to “take over” everything.  We provide help and guidance where you need it, and only do the heavy lifting when necessary, so your ongoing costs are minimized to improve your bottom line.

I utilize screen casting software, e-mails, phone calls, Zoom, and Team Viewer remote access software in order to tailor my services directly to your need.

What made me a search marketing expert?
I began more than a dozen years ago, by reading all the posts and articles I could find by the handful of industry experts, like Jill Whalen, Bruce Clay, Robin Nobles, and others who participated in the Webmaster World forums way back then.

When I closed my retail computer store (April 2002), I continued to actively promote my on-site computer repair business through organic search and PPC advertising, and I was a committed “Searchaholic”.  Around that same time I began web marketing for two other businesses, a health insurance agency and a local law firm.

Advanced Education
In 2004, I attended a five day seminar given by John Alexander and Robin Nobles at Search Engine Workshops, which was one of the first (and still one of the best) and places to learn search engine optimization and Internet marketing strategies.

In 2005, I attended another three-day seminar by Search Engine Workshops, and a second two day “ultra-advanced” workshop, where the instructors were some of the top names in search at the time, including Jerry West, Mike Marshall, and Ginette Degner.

Continuing Education
Since then, I’ve never stopped learning this industry. I spend over $15,000 and more than 100 hours each year in training classes and seminars with some of the top Internet marketing consultants in the world, staying up on all the latest facts, trends, tests, and yes, even the myths and rumors.

I attend industry conferences regularly, including SMX, Search Engine Strategies, and I haven’t missed atending at least one annual Pubcon, since my first Las Vegas conference in 2005.

In 2006 I became a founding board member of Search Engine Marketers of Portland (SEMpdx.org) and we hold monthly search marketing educational events in Portland, where I live.

From 2007 to 2012 I rode the gravy train of affiliate marketing using moderately nefarious link building methods until Google slammed the door shut with Penguin in the spring of 2012.  I’ve felt the pain.

Besides attending conferences and real world experience, I’m a search junkie at heart, and religiously watch the weekly episode of Barry Schwartz’s search buzz video recap. (If it happened in search, it’s covered there daily)

Google Certification

I was a certified Google Partner for years, as well as an official city partner for the city of Portland, Gresham and Clackamas, Oregon, before opting out of the program for reasons I’d be happy to discuss when we speak.

Over the past few years, I have worked with hundreds of domains, businesses, and situations, and every situation is different.

Current clients are evenly distributed at about 1/3 national, 1/3 local brick & mortar, and 1/3 unique situations that involve short term consulting, and my pricing details are on this page.