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For convenience, you may pay invoices, fees, deposits, or sign up for a new subscription right here, for any of the following:

We process transactions using Paypal, but a Paypal account is not required.

One Time Payments – Fill in the amount

To make a “one time payment”, press the button, and enter the desired amount.


Order a one time SEO Review – $400 now, and $400 upon delivery

Includes an initial phone call, printable reports, a 15 minute video, and a 30 minute followup phone call after delivery of the reports and video.


New Clients – Three Equal Payments Over 90 Days

New clients fall into one of two different startup plans, either $3,750 over 90 days, or $7,500 over 90 days. If you ordered an initial $800 SEO audit, that amount may will deducted from payment number three.



Ongoing Recurring Payments:

After our initial 90 day period, you may subscribe here for the monthly subscription amount we’ve agreed upon.  Level one includes two scheduled monthly phone calls, and other levels include more time incrementally.

Payment Options

Dont Want to Use Paypal?

If that’s the case, then please fill this out, and I will invoice you securely.