Videos: How to Do Internet Stuff

These videos are all two to four minutes, and get right to the point, coming directly from my YouTube channel. They may be low in production value, but they’re perfect for someone busy and in a hurry. If there’s a topic you’d like to see, please leave it in the comments.


The Latest Video Added:


  1. Lapo Adeyemi

    Thanks for these sets of “How to videos.” I was wondering; are the author of a WordPress plugin called “Dagon Design Sitemap Generator?”

    • Scott Hendison

      Nope, not me

  2. naseem

    hi scott, i am interested in putting your seo url checker on my website, and i
    have been successful in installing it and making it work on my site, my main question is, i saw a site who does this, and they are buttons such as, compare with competitors url, and their report generates like a letter with their logo, is this possible with your tool?

    • Scott Hendison

      I’m sorry for the delayed response – We get so much comment spam that I missed this. Unfortunately no it’s not possible. I originally considered it, but this is an old tool that we build to audit a single URL, long before entire site audits were possible with tools like Screaming Frog, SEMrush, etc. so we never pursued the improvement. The best way to take advantage using it on your own site is to put in good details and notes about each ranking factor, even links, etc.


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