Your Google Logins

This page is more of a resource than a tool, but it’s something you need – instant access to all of your Google Properties. These links should all work for you if you’re logged in

AdSense AdSense

AdWords AdWords

AdWords Express AdWords Express

Analytics AnalyticsSettings

Google Adv. Professionals Advertising Professionals

Alerts Alerts

App Engine App EngineMy Apps

Google URL Shortener URL Shortener

Blogger BloggerSettings

Bookmarks Bookmarks

Calendar CalendarSettings

Chrome Web Store Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome Sync Chrome Sync

Google Cloud Print Cloud Print

Consumer Surveys Consumer Surveys

Contacts Contacts

Custom Search Custom SearchEngines

Developer Consoles Developer Consoles

Docs DocsSettings

DoubleClick for Publishers DoubleClick Publishers

FeedBurner FeedBurner

Finance FinancePortfolio

Google Friend Connect Friend Connect

Gmail GmailSettings

Google+ Google+

Groups GroupsSubscriptions

Maps MapsMy Maps

Merchant Center Merchant Center

Profiles My Business (Local)


Google Moderator Moderator

Panoramio Panoramio

Partner Content Partner Content

New ServicePartners Service

Picasa Web AlbumsPicasa Web Albums

Code Code

Google PlayPlay

Google Play Music Play Music

Profiles Profiles

Checkout Checkout

Profiles Query Explorer

Sites Sites

Profiles Structured Data Tester

Talk Talk

Think with Google Think with Google

Trends Trends

Trusted Stores Trusted Stores

Google Trusted Stores Merchant Center TS Merchant Center

Voice Voice

Google Wallet Wallet

Web History Web History

Webmaster Tools Webmaster Tools

YouTube YouTube

Promoted Videos YT Promoted Videos

We still need to make those tables responsive, and there are others we need to add, like these:

 Google Discontinued:

Helpouts Helpouts – Died April 20, 2015

orkut Orkut – died September 30, 2014

Google BuzzOffers – died July 2014

ReaderReader – died July 2013

iGoogleiGoogle – died November 2013

KnolKnol – died May 2012

Google PlacesPlaces – died May 2012

Notebook Notebook  – died July 2012

Google HotpotHotpot – died April 2011

Google BuzzBuzz – died Dec 2011

Subscribed Links Subscribed Links – died Sept 2011

Google Squared Squared – died

Schemer Schemer – died

Trends Trend Insights – died

Missing Google Searches

These useful specialty searches on Google still exist, but google removed them from all the menus, and we can’t navigate to them anymore from anywhere I know of.

Google Blogs Search
Google Discussions Search
Google Images Search
Google Patents Search
Google Places Search
Google Recipes Search
Google Videos Search

Discontinued the Mobile App

This list above WAS a free mobile app for Android, but Google Play removed it, after suspending it twice for violating their non-specific policies.

The app sent people right into their Google Accounts, so I assumed it was okay to use their  icons.  After being suspended, possibly for that, I removed them all, but it came back suspended  again in just hours, so we discontinued it.


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