Merge CSV or Text Files

merge-file-toolTo merge all of your CSV files into one, simply select multiple files, then choose either .csv or .txt output, and press the button.

Do keep in mind that mispatched column headings will result in a document that is not sortable without some work, but it should still be a huge time saver. Give it a couple of minutes, especially if your files are large, and you’ll be able to download one file.

Use txt and csv files only. Large and/or many files may take more time to process.

Create merged result file in CSV or TXT
Select all files at one time.

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  1. lara

    You can also use to merge it and even remove the index of files but the first one.

  2. Akorvin

    There is another free visual software that helps merging CSV and text files very fast — Easymorph. Google it.


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