SEO Review – “On Page”

This tool is offline as of 10/5/18 and is hopefully returning soon.

Run a report on a page:
Copy and paste a URL in the box below, and press the button. Give it a minute, and you’ll see the details and advice that I’ve programmed into the tool. You’ll get an instant SEO review of the top “on page” organic ranking factors, and I’ll explain exactly what it might take to fix the issues.

What if the tool won’t work with your URL?

In recent years, certain webhosts are excluding tools like ours from accessing your files without your explicit permission.  If you’d like, just leave a comment below, and i’ll take a look…

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  1. Chris

    Do you do SEO work for people who have their sites with HIBU?

  2. JD Klein

    Chris, we are looking at building a site on Wix. Have you done a comparison between Wix and WordPress?

  3. navneet singh

    One of the best post I came across. I am new to the field and I often

    try to learn and grab knowledge from here and there. But this is one

    of the best posts I came across. i never ever get knowledge about geositemap.xml and locations.kml i used this services first time.

    Thank you so much for information

  4. Disruptarian

    Interested to know if this tool will allow frontend usage, so that my visitors can use this for free without logging in?

    • Scott Hendison

      Yes, in the same way you’ve used the tool here, the plugin can be used on your own site with no login necessary, assuming you put the shortcode on a public facing page.


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