Media Worksheet

What we’re looking for here are clear and succinct “statements”, that will help you promote individual aspects of your business, product or services.

For each question below, write at least three one sentence answers that can stand on their own, and *not* just a three sentence paragraph. There are plenty of fields for additional ideas, but please add at least three, and there’s unlimited space at the bottom. Please, knock yourself out…

Picture these answers appearing as a graphic on a page, or coming up as a statement on a slide during a video, etc. Imagine yourself hearing these answers audibly, read them aloud to yourself before submitting. Is it natural sounding language? Imagine hearing it as a sound bite or during an interview – very short and to the point.

Try not to make the same inane sales pitch that this exercise could deteriorate into. You’ve heard of an “elevator speech”? Think of this the same way, but to different people on on separate floors, just as the doors are closing! Imagine that 3 seconds is all you have to make your entire statement verbally, or imagine that it’s costing per word” on a classified ad.

This is a great tool from Harvard Business School that can give you some brainstorming ideas…

  • What makes your XYZ different than theirs?

  • Why might someone pay MORE for your XYZ?

  • Why might someone pay LESS your XYZ?

  • Why should someone choose your XYZ over theirs?

  • Why is your XYZ BETTER than theirs?

  • What is UNIQUE about your XYZ?

  • Tell Us More

    Your brain should be bubbling with ideas by now, and I hope you get the point. Perhaps what's available above isn't enough room?

    Use as much space as you want below, and if you have multiple products or services, then list bullet points for each.

    For example, I might list five bullet points for "local search marketing" or five for "web hosting" etc. Take all the space you need, and we'll take it from there...
  • Please Send Us Files

    If we are creating content for you, and we've sent you to this form, then you can upload the files here.

    We'll need a zipped batch of original images that you own, meaning you have either taken them yourself, or had them taken for you by a photographer.

    We would like both interior and exterior images of your business, as well as any physical signage. For multiple location businesses, please make sure the images are named correctly identify each location, such as "Memphis-front-desk.jpg.

    We'll ask you to include images of employees too, along with their names and titles, as well as images of any products, company logos, and other relevant photos too. It's a visual world, so please give us plenty to work with.
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