Keyword Multiplier

This tool allows for the use of variables in different columns, automatically multiplying and combining into new phrases.

When setting up a PPC campaign, there are dozens. hundreds, or even thousands of phrases people might use to find you.

Besides covering all those variables there are several different match types possible for any given phrase, and generating a giant list of keywords manually is almost impossible.

With this tool, just start with a solid list of keywords, and a column or two of variables, and you’ll cover every base possible.


In the first column add your primary phrases, in the second, add a list of variations, and you can add even more variations in the third or even fourth column.

Enter phrases only one per line, with no commas, tabs, or other characters, then push the button, and scroll down to get your keyword list.

For example, in column 1, let’s use three foods – pizza, chicken and taco.

In column 2, place three variables, like delivery, restaurant, and reviews.

Then in column 3, you could put each city name, and in column 4 you could put your state.

Hit the button, and you’ll instantly be provided with the entire list of phrases.

Using Google Adwords?

The checkboxes near the button will allow you to generate the additional “match types” for your Adwords keywords,  phrase match, exact match, modified broad match, and we even threw in negative match.   Here’s a short video that Google put out to explain the difference…

Enter phrases only one per line, with no commas, tabs, or other characters.

If you’re just building a keyword list, and you don’t need Adwords match types, then you must uncheck the default boxes and check “Retain Broad Match”.

Primary Keyword Phrases   Desired Variables (city, state etc.)  
Desired Variables (city, state etc.)   Desired Variables (city, state etc.)  

If you're using this for Google Ad Words, you likely want to leave these boxes checked.
Retain Broad Match   Add Exact Match   Add Modified Broad Match
Add Phrase Match   Add Negative Match

 Checking this box CHANGES this tool, so it will generate EXACTLY what you input. Do do not use with the Adwords match types.

This option KEEPS any spaces or other characters you may add, like pipes, spaces etc. and will NOT add its own spaces for use in Adwords.


You might also want to read my blog post from when I released the tool in 2008

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