There are some free teleprompters out there, but if you need something more robust, with the ability to format and colorize for multiple speakers, it can get pretty expensive, and this page might be all you need.

This free teleprompter is from an older version of software developed by Tom Madsen, that you’re free to use here.

Import text file to teleprompterDirections:

  • Scroll down to import a text file.
  • Scroll to the bottom and press the big blue button.
  • Scroll back to the top.
  • Move your mouse off-screen to begin scrolling.
  • Return mouse on-screen to pause.
  • Teleprompter will cycle continuously.
  • Reload this page to begin again.


  • You cannot save projects here
  • Must import a new text file each running.
  • Multiple users may stress the server beyond capacity.
  • Need it for mobile phone? Try this
  • Any other issues? (Leave ’em in the comments please).


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