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Live Training & Education

Here in Portland Oregon, I’m running two groups with the help of One is geared solely towards beginners, and the other is for more advanced internet marketing strategies and tactics.

Private Education

I view my consulting services as private education, when I work with businesses and their staff to improve site traffic, search performance, and their overall internet marketing. If you’re interested in training either for yourself or for multiple people at your company, please review my consulting fees here.

Online Education

Over the years, I’ve written a fairly extensive collection of articles geared towards beginning / intermediate search marketers, and you can find them all here at my tools site, SEO Automatic – SEO-101.

Those same principles have been put into my quick SEO review tool here on my site that will review any single webpage for 20 ranking factors, and then tell you how to fix most of the issues. Just type in any URL here to see it in action.

Videos Online

To see some basic SEO principles discussed on video while I review certain websites, watch a couple of these videos that I used to make before our SEO Automatic tool was fully functional. These videos are similar to how my consulting process works to educate you and your staff.

Certified SEO Education

If you’re looking for a career in search then you need a four year degree in marketing. Finish college, focus on the internet wherever you can. That will better prepare you for what’s ahead in the world.

However, if you’re looking for a “seal of approval” you’re in trouble, because there is no governing body for search marketers, although a part of me wishes there was.

From Sempo, to Market Motive to your local Search Engine Academy or even your community college, there are lots of credible ways to get an ongoing and structured education online and in person. It’s just a matter of finding what’s right for you.

Keep in mind too, that once you’re “educated” in SEO, you still need to stay on top of Google’ hundreds of changes annually to the way things “work” but it’s the most fascinating industry I know.

Other Local Groups & Shows

As one of the founding board members of SEMpdx I can recommend all of their events for great presentations, as well as a chance to meet and network with other like minded folks. Specialty marketing Meetup groups in Portland have sprouted up all over in the past couple of years, and various marketing events are usually taking place a few times somewhere close each week.

My own ongoing writing…

At the bottom of this page is the RSS feed of my latest blog post that I’ve put in the SEO category…

Correcting Info at Factual Just Got Harder
Some time over the past few days, there was a change in the policy at Factualso that business owners are no longer able to correct their own business details, and instead must work ONLY through a “Trusted Data Contributor”. Factual is on...

WP is Broken - Image Title Tags
You may be diligent about putting ALT and title attributes into the images you use in posts, but WordPress is not cooperating. At some point in the past (and I’m not quite sure when), the title attribute stopped carrying over after inserting th...

Buying Authorship in 2013
Sometimes, paid links may be totally alright with Google, and in fact in many cases are EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE LOOKING FOR. Let me explain… If I search Google for “CNN author on Google plus” thenI get over 22 million results, ...

Google -Plusaces- is Here
This Wednesday, May 30th in the ever changing world of local search, Google officially announced the “end” of “Google Places” and they are merging it with Google Plus (Google+). This has been written up quite extensivelyalrea...

The Truth About Backlinks
This coming Thursday March 29th, I’m giving an advanced internet marketing presentation to a Meetup Group at the Portland Convention Center Red lion Inn. The program starts at 5:30 and goes until 7:30, and preregistration is required here. The...

Google's Local Policy is Stupid
Last night I did a search on Google because my wife had her car window smashed by some Portlandia hooligans while she was watching the Central Catholic High School play. The first result for “emergency auto glass repair” was Glass Doctor...

Off Site SEO Presentation
I was asked to fill in at the off-site SEO session of SearchFest last week, and I worked for days on my slides, intending to give the best presentation that anyone had ever seen. I tried to pack nearly 90 slides into a 25 minute presentation, and aft...

Local Search for Beginners - Feb 16th 2012
My next internet marketing session is geared towards local businesses, (sign up here) and is specifically focused on beginners who don’t have technical skills. Web designers who are not SEO’s are also welcome. I suppose if you are an lon...

New Rules of SEO in 2012 - Meeting January 19th
I’m happy to announce that I’m running my own Meetup groups for 2012, and my first event has now been scheduled for January 19th, at the Convention Center Red Lion Inn. Why? Over the past few years, I?ve spoken on more panels and given m...

Friendster 404 Fail?
Friendster seems to have about 57 million 404 errors, and they have completely wiped out the vast majority of their users content. Do a site: search on andtry to go almost anywhere – We have a few Friendster accounts, and just t...