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imageWe’ve been running branded search ranking reports for clients since 2002, and in those early days, we used Web Position Gold for the reports.

That was long before the engines started frowning upon multiple requests from our IP addresses, so after a frustrating year or two of proxy use and tying up computers, we began looking for an online solution.

We searched high and low for a reliable, efficient, and cost effective solution to providing client reports, and tried a lot of services.   We needed automated ranking reports that could be easily understood, and I met the guys from Authority Labs back in 2010.

Today, there is no more widely used platform for obtaining search rankings than Authority Labs.  Their API is in use by dozens of industry services from Majestic SEO to Raven Tools.

  • Daily Rank Tracking
  • Progressive Graphs
  • Client User Accounts
  • White Label Options
  • No Credit Card Required to Try
  • 30 Day Free Trial

We are proud to be an affiliate of Authority Labs SERP reporting service, where they’ll automatically monitor domain rankings, and even allow for separate client logins.

On a regularly scheduled basis, our clients are automatically sent branded reports with the Search Commander, Inc. logo, and our staff gets a copy as well. There is no mention of Authority Labs either in the reports or in the client control panel, so it’s the perfect “white label” solution.

SERP Reports when you want them
We schedule delivery to our clients on a weekly basis, but you can choose whatever schedule you like.

Set it and forget it

  • No longer use your bandwidth
  • No longer use your employee resources
  • No longer need to use a proxy server
  • No longer waste your time

You and your clients can both get scheduled reports sent from your company’s own email address, giving you a quick snapshot of movement in the rankings.



Professional SERP Reports branded with your logo
There’s an executive summary at the top of each report, and each phrase shows the overall gain or loss in rankings for your desired phrases that for your phrases.

As you look through each report, there’s a detailed view separated by search engine, showing each phrase, exactly where your clients domain ranks, and what changes have occurred since last reporting.

Reliable Ranking Reports – Tried and Tested
We’ve been using them for quite a while now, and the benefits have been huge.

  1. From the very first account you set up, you have an easy interface for adding keywords and domains.
  2. That interface offers the ability to upload a header & logo, branding it as your own.
  3. For each domain you enter, you may offer client logins, to see all reports and all history since day 1.
  4. When you set up each domain, you can choose many options for your client, like whether to lock the phrases, and what sort of access to give them (if any), so they can’t screw things up.
  5. Most clients never log in, but some will, seeing no mention of anyone besides you company.
  6. You can set up a new domain in 90 seconds, assuming you know how to paste keywords from your list. (*note: This is NOT a keyword research service)
  7. All e-mail reports may be branded to your company, and sent to you, your client, or both.
  8. You are free to choose (far too many) multiple search engines, including all of the specific international results for Google and Yahoo. In the US, all I care about are 2, so I use those.

Through our affiliation, you can try it at no charge for a full 30 days, without even putting in a credit card!  Just create an account, put in a domain and a few phrases, and watch your life get easier immediately.

Here are the current rates –

  • Up to 100 phrases with 10 domains – $24.99 per mo
  • Up to 250 phrases with up to 25 domains – $49.99 per mo
  • Up to 1000 phrases with 50 domains – $99.99 per mo

Try Authority Labs for free right now!

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