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Text File Import

Typography - Font Families

Typography - Font Sizes

Teleprompter Speed

Delay Before Teleprompter Starts

Text Alignment & Weights

Bolded & Emphasized Word Font Weights

Speaker Font Styles

Imported Text Display Box

NOTE: If you import a text file, it will be displayed here immediately.
You may then use the shortcodes below to add more formatting.

Your Scripted Message

Shortcodes you can use in your paragraph textareas below include:

[SPKR2]2nd Speaker Script [/SPKR2]
[SPKR3]3rd Speaker Script [/SPKR3]
[SPKR4]4th Speaker Script [/SPKR4]
[NUMLIST] Wraps around a Numbered List [/NUMLIST]
[LIST] Wraps around a Non Numbered List [/LIST]
[BULLET] The Bulleted Item in a Numbered or Non-Numbered List [/BULLET]

[BOLD] Bolded Words [/BOLD]
[EM] Emphasized Words [/EM]
[SPAN] For each SPAN of Text [/SPAN]
[IMG] For each Image you want to insert into your text [/IMG]
What other shortcodes would you like to be able to use here?