Paid Review – Thank you

You chose a paid review, rather than possibly sharing with your competition, and yours will be prioritized.

In the unlikely event your site is not accepted for reviews, then I apologize, and you will be sent an e-mail with an explanation as to why I am unable to review your site, along with a full refund.

Generally the primary reasons that a site would be declined are:

  • A conflict of interest with another site or affiliate
  • A site that’s not in your own domain name, like wordpress.com, or blogger.com
  • A site hosted within a sub-domain, such as mywebsite.amway.com
  • A site that contains pornographic or other content deemed unsuitable
  • A complete lack of even the most basic fundamentals, which very few readers could learn from

In a case where your site has been accepted, you will likely see the finished product within three business days.

Since I travel frequently to Internet marketing events with the (very) occasional vacation thrown in, my video creation abilities are somewhat limited. Therefore, at those times, I will reply with a personal e-mail letting you know my estimated date of return.

Thank you again for your submission and I look forward to viewing your website!

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