Text Links

There are numerous text link networks from which you can buy advertising, to drive quality traffic to your website. We are familiar with most of the larger ones, and can help you find relevant sites in targeted industries to increase your visibility.

Remember, the purpose in buying links on other websites should be because that is where you will find your target customers.

Do not buy text link advertisements expecting them to improve your search ranking, because although many will, the search engines have given notice that they are looking for ways to discount the ranking value of paid links, and this probably won’t last much longer.


Implementation, explanation, and recommendation of any paid linking options is done at no charge, but only for monthly consulting clients.

At the time of this writing, ( May 2007) many websites are getting bumps in the search rankings that can be attributed to purchased text link advertisements. Again, I must repeat that this fact is likely to change very soon.

If you would like to investigate purchasing some text link advertising on your own, a good place to start is at one of our affiliate’s websites, Patrick Gavin’s Text Link Ads, where you can find related sites in nearly any industry.

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