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Question MarkWhether you’re the vice president of marketing for a manufacturing company, or the lead SEO on a project for an agency, you probably don’t have all the answers all the time.

There are certainly things you do very well, but it’s likely there are other things that you don’t do so well, and I’m here to help you bridge the gaps. I make it my job to provide you with the answers, when you don’t know where else to turn.

When you can’t find a definitive answer on Google, sure you can ask your peers, or Tweet the question, or post in a forum, but sometimes that can be a bit awkward. ¬†Aren’t you supposed to already have the answers? Isn’t that what you’re already getting paid for?

Putting me on a small monthly retainer allows you to comfortably ask the questions you need to, without having to pay my regular $400 hourly rate, or without feeling like you’re taking advantage of any relationship we might have.

Please note that I will not work with agencies who work for competitors of current clients, but nothing else is off limits.

Each retainer level adds two monthly scheduled phone calls, effectively cutting my hourly rate by 2/3, and I promise to maintain strict confidentiality. Nobody will know that I’m working for you unless you tell them.

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