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“Bringing me in on a project” is something I’m asked about often, by web designers, agencies, internet marketers and even friends. Every situation is unique, and in those situations,I’m always happy to start with a free scheduled call.

There are certainly things you do very well, but it’s likely there are other things that you don’t do so well, and I’m here to help you bridge the gaps. I make it my job to provide you with the answers, when you don’t know where else to turn.

It's sometimes hard to ask the questions, when you're supposed to be the one with the answers

Whether you’re the vice president of marketing, or the lead SEO on a project for an agency, you probably don’t have all the answers all the time. Sometimes you’re just not sure.

When you can’t find the definitive answer on Google, or Moz, or Webmaster forums, you can ask your peers or Tweet the question, but sometimes that can be a bit awkward. Aren’t you supposed to already have the answer? Isn’t that what you’re already getting paid for?

Putting me on a monthly retainer allows you to comfortably get the answers and guidance you need, at less than half of my hourly rate, sharing SEO projects with me through your own SEMrush account where we can do everything from track rankings to troubleshooting technical errors.

I’ll sign your own NDA to maintain strict confidentiality. Please note that I will not consult with agencies who work for competitors of my current clients. My personal feeling is that it’s wrong to manage Adwords, or do any internet marketing for two direct competitors.

What determines the amount of help you need? What level are you?

You and I talk about it together on our first call, that you can schedule here…

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