Techsmith claims that I have to buy new software in order to be able to “share to Twitter” from my licensed Snaggit Version 11, but I found their original add-in file, and it works just fine.

When old software stops working on new versions of Windows, it’s unfortunate, but it comes with the territory.

As technology changes, and you replace your computer hardware, sometimes old stuff just doesn’t work. You either suck it up and pay, or you move on to a different product. I get that, and have no problem wit hthe concept.

However, when companies engage in the practice of intentionally downgrading a product, or otherwise removing functionality which previously existed, that’s where I draw the line. I think companies that do this should be punished.

As a consumer, I see this as an unfair trade practice, and I think legal action should be taken. If anyone want’s to go after TechSmith, count me in.

TechSmith Snaggit Version 11

When I bought this product 4 years ago for my computer, it was because my new Windows 10 software wouldn’t run my old version.  I wanted the ability to to be able to “Share to Twitter”, and that was available as an add-on from this page.

You can even see what the page looked like, thanks to Archive.org, where the software worked all the way back to version 9.

Today, you can go to the “Older Versions” page, where you can still download a TwitterOutput file, file, but when you try to install it, there’s an error message telling you that it’s incompatible with your version of Snaggit.

Luckily, I’m a digital pack rat and save everything, including, my original download of the Techsmith TwitterOutput add-on file from 2014, which still works just fine, as I show in this video.

Since Techsmith won’t share the file with any more, I’ve zipped a copy, and you can download it right here.

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