What is a Google “Offer Post”?

There seems to be a brand new Google feature for local businesses that I just ran across, called an “Offer Post”, that should be available in most accounts now. For those who are bored, they can Google search games such as w88oaz.com.

To access it, log into Google My Business and go to the dashboard of your business, by clicking the tile that says “Manage Location” under your business name. If you don’t see that, then you’re in “List View” so just click the three Dots to get to the dashboard.


Then, on the left side you should see the option for “Posts”. When I clicked that link, I was shown a pop up like this, which offered the option to “Create an Offer Post”.

If you don’t see the popup box, look for this “Offer” tab…



You can see that setting up the “Offer” looks almost identical to the typical “post” box, but there are a few other options, including start date and time, and the date and time, a coupon code, the link to redeem your offer, and a place for terms and conditions – 


The promotion details that you enter will presumably appear in the exact same place that posts do now, right under your business info in the knowledge panel. Although this isn’t actually one of them, it should look sort of like this…

This is also the first time I’ve seen these Google Posts appear so large too… Up until now, the thumbnail has been tiny. 

Pretty slick, huh?   

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Scott Hendison:

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  • I've been using GMB posts for a few months now, but I've just been using the "What's New" designation. They show up fine. Today I thought I would promote a sale we're having and decided to use the "Offer" post designation. For whatever reason, this post isn't showing up on my knowledge graph. I didn't put a specific discount (e.g. 20% off) in the offer title. I just put "Special 3 Month Rate." Do you think that might be the reason? I also didn't put the optional coupon code or other information. But these should be optional for a reason. I'm stumped. I've never had a problem before.

    • I just tested, and sure enough, it's broken for me too, a week after your comment (sorry for the delay ;) Not just offers either, but all posts. Bummer.

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