How to “Use Facebook As” Your Business Page

Are you accustomed to going to the drop-down arrow in the top right of your Facebook login and then selecting “Use Facebook As” and your business name?

If so, you may be surprised to find it missing one day soon, if it’s not missing already.

This has been going on for several months now,  and people have been running into this issue everywhere, and posting in multiple places for help on Facebook.

In some case its still “business as usual” where the user can simply change the option and “use Facebook as” their business, and the other Facebook has moved them to a new interface where they have to change identities on a case-by-case basis for every comment, post, or like.

Facebook seem to be converting users over VERY inconsistently, so I thought I would make a short video demonstrating the two different scenarios are for using Facebook as your business.

So? Is your own option to “Use Facebook As” missing?

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Scott Hendison:

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  • Thanks for the help. Since you have helped me, I would like to return the favor. If you have kids of college age, send then to any where by an Ivy League school. make then get a hard job. Then they will appreciate good jobs.

  • So, how do you see the feed of updates from the pages you've liked as your page, if you don't have the Use Facebook As.. option anymore?

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/feed only shows info from pages you've liked personally, and not those you may have liked as your business page. I agree, it's really stupid. If you can no longer "use Facebook as..." then you can't see them anymore - At least not that I know of.

      • This is the part that is horrendous. I run a page for a major non-profit that has multiple sub-divisions throughout our state, we have of course liked the pages of all of our sub-divisions and we always want to share their content. This has now become impossible because the newsfeed has gone. I would have to visit over 100 pages one-by-one to see if they have posted anything new and if I want to share it.

        • Laura, the activity of those pages that you have liked is now on the left side of the page - marked "View Pages Feed"

          • I was switched over by FB about a year to the new Business Page format. Since then, whenever I click the View Pages Feed on the left side, like everyone says to do (and as you mention above), it does open up a different page..., but then that's it. The Feed never actually uploads or resolves. Ever. No matter how long I wait: 10 minutes. 15 minutes. Nothing happens, not a single post loads. Nada. It's been like this for the past year, ever since The Switch.

          • Did you try a different browser? I just spot checked at several FB pages in a row, and it works fine for me...

          • For me, when I click View Pages Feed, I only see posts from Pages I liked personally, not the Pages that my organization has liked/followed.

          • If you no longer have the "Use Facebook As" option, but you still don't see the info, then perhaps you haven't got the usual type of business page? Maybe it's an "organization" as you've said, or even one of the old "business pages" that someone made which is actually just a regular user page? What's the URL of the FB page?

            You do have to be viewing your page before clicking the link. Another way to get there, if the link doesn't work, is to manually edit the page URL in the address bar, then strip out anything past the mane - strip anything beginning with a question mark, then add pages_feed/

            For example, my page is https://www.facebook.com/SearchCommander/?ref=br_rs - so I strip out this "?ref=br_rs" and add "pages_feed/" in it's place - so my business page feed, is this - https://www.facebook.com/SearchCommander/pages_feed/ and from there I can see only the activity of the pages which I have liked AS my business page.

          • Thank you for this! My account was very recently changed, and I'm glad to have found this post! I was annoyed that I could no longer see the page's feed. I'm sure I would've eventually found this, but not without much frustration and cursing at FB. Thank you!

      • Scott, what if you want to join a group as your page that you have already joined as yourself?

        I used to be able to do this very easily and no longer can toggle between users I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it!

  • It is so frustrating having to change everything all the time. It was much easier the way it was. I use my page for my author page and half the time it gets all mixed up with my personal page. Frustrating.

  • thanks for that video .. but "not as bad as it seems"? ;-)
    I think the old way was working way better if one is using facebook only as a business.

  • Thank you for your article. Appreciated.
    Ughh I hate what Facebook has done. I don't want all my page feeds mixed up any old way. I am even seeing posts which are not pages. Just normal FB posts that I see in my profile timeline.
    I think this will kill Facebook for business. but I may be wrong.

  • The network effect is far too strong to kill Facebook at this point. It's infected everyone on the planet.

    The Facebook product was essentially "feature complete" years ago but they have a lot of people on payroll that have to Do Something™, so you get changes like this. I guess it's good that people are employed.

  • This was very helpful Scott. I wasn't aware of the changes so your explanation was greatly appreciated. I no longer see a way to write a review as a business. Am I missing anything or is that option gone?

    • You're welcome, Michael. Hmm, interesting... I do know that it's always been allowable to write a review AS a business on Google, I've never actually done one, and I didn't know that it was ever possible on Facebook. Looking just noiw though, no, you're right. While you CAN comment or even post on pages that allow it "as a business", there's no identity selector in the reviews area.

  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Why is there no public (and easy to find/understand) changelog for users so we don't have to spend hours/days/weeks searching for answers?!

    • You're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome - and yes, a changelog for Facebook would be fantastic, wouldn't it?

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