Unable to Save from Facebook Audience Insights

For at least two months now, I have been unable to create and save an audience in Facebook Audience Insights.

It doesn’t work in either Chrome and or Firefox, even with all extensions disabled, and the problem is present whether you use the old version or the new version of Power Editor or even the regular Ad builder.

Here’s the first report, nearly 11 months ago but there are several others in the same boat.

I know for a fact that its worked before, but in fact on this post, Haily from Facebook says that you can only save an audience from a couple of places, and Audience insights isn’t one of them.

Does saving an audience from Facebook Audience Insights work for you?

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Scott Hendison:

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    • Interesting - others are reporting it fixed in the YouTube comments. Perhaps the fix is rolling out slowly?

      • This FB audience insights is still not working for saving matters...did you find any solution?

        • Nope - It's lame. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. The only way to find out is to possibly waste your time creating an audience...

  • Hi there.
    I could not save audiences from Facebook audience insight either. But now, when I enter the FB Ads manager, I can see that all of the different names I tried to save my new custom audience by is listed in the bottom of the Audience-tab.
    Maybe you can see the same?

    • Good to point that out, thank you. Some people see some, yes, and I do too, but not all that should be there -

  • I do not want custom audience instead I need to create Audience Insight and save option doesn't work. Any help please.

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