I know there are a myriad of secure and safe “password keeper” solutions out there, but I’ve never personally used one.

This morning I had to get into a web hosting CPanel which I hadn’t been in for over two years, and although the password was saved in Chrome, it wouldn’t log me in.

Mobile screen showing Google Passwords not loadingI tried using Firefox, but couldn’t remember the password so I went to look it up at http://passwords.google.com.

Once you verify your primary Google password there, you’re supposed to be able to access all of your passwords, but it never actually loads for me.

Does it load for you? Probably, since I seem to me the master of Google problems that happen only to me.

I thought that maybe it was my computer giving me trouble, so I tried my laptop, and then my phone, but those wouldn’t load either.

There’s also another way, from inside of Chrome to look up your passwords, which is to go to your browser settings, then scroll down to the link for “Advanced”.

Clicking that link and scrolling further gives you the option to see your passwords.

That’s always taken a little while to fully load, but lately it doesn’t load at all either, just like Google’s password subdomain.

Finally this error screen came up for the third time, so I quit waiting…

Chrome browser locking up not showing passwords

Reset My Password at Bluehost?

So, with getting my password out of Chrome not working, I decided to simply reset my password, but trying to do that for the Bluehost Cpanel failed also, because their system won’t send mail.

I phoned Bluehost anyway, but they can only help me if I know my password, and suggested that I change the e-mail address for the account. To do that they had me e-mailing a picture of my identification. How ridiculous… but I digress.

Bluehost password reset not working

So what did I do?

I did manage to recover my passwords, and I did it by using Firefox, first importing my passwords from Chrome,  By going to “Show All Bookmarks”

Show all bookmarks in Firefox

Then I chose “import data from another browser” –

Import data from another browser

And selected Chrome, along with the passwords, which is all I wanted…

Import data from Chrome

Import passwords

After the import, which only took a minute, I was able to access all of my passwords in Firefox, by going to the settings menu, then Options

Firefox settings

Then to Security > Saved Logins

Security > Saved Logins
Then hit the button on the bottom right for “Show Passwords”

Show Passwords

Finally, I used this Firefox Add-on to export a copy, just in case Firefox breaks too.

Anyway, between Googles password access not working, and the Bluehost password reset not working, it wasn’t a real productive morning, but at least I wrote most of this post while sitting on hold…

How’s your day going?

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