New Google Bug – Adding a GMB Listing

I have a client that’s opened a second office, and I’m unable to add their GMB listing.

After adding the address, I’m unable to proceed because there’s an error reading
“Enter an address and marker that’s specify at the same place”.

The problem is, there’s nowhere to enter the address because I already did on the previous screen.

I assume the bug is brand new, and unlike the Google Maps Bug that opens the wrong app on your phone, (which I found a few weeks ago and is still unresolved), I hope THIS one will be fixed quickly.

Here’s what happens after I enter the business name and address.

I can’t be the only one seeing this today… Is this happening to you too?

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Scott Hendison:

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    • The next day, it mysteriously worked fine, never bringing me to the map pin adjustment screen at all. I'd recommend you double check the spelling of everything in your address entry screen, rewriting it from scratch.

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