Fraudulent Invoices Via Paypal from Godaddy

This morning I received two Paypal invoices that were sent to me directly.  At first and even second glance they appear to be legitimate, but they’re not.

The invoices looked like real invoices via email, and they contained the GoDaddy logo, but the $64 amount was way too high for a domain renewal.  When I logged in to my Paypal account, I saw tat thee invoices showed there too, but the names of the payees were in foreign  language.

The invoices themselves looked legitimate, because they were actually sent to my email address as a real Paypal invoice, including the GoDaddy logo, anthough dorectly beneath the logo were the letters OCGBID

If it werent for the fact that the amount was incorrect for a simple domain renewal, I may have just clicked through and paid it without thinking!

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Scott Hendison:
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We are all slaves to Googles wishes, like it or not.