Analytics Referral Spam – September Update

Referral Spam in Analytics, a.k.a. “Fake Traffic” has been annoying us for a while now, and this month showed no improvement.

After reviewing about a dozen client accounts for August of 2016, I’ve found nearly 20 suspicious domains, and I’ve added them my Google Analytics referral spam exclusion segment.

The domains that have been added are:

  • 1-99seo.com
  • cookielawblog.wordpress.com
  • deref-gmx.net
  • wowas31.ucoz.ru
  • fashionindeed.ml
  • eyes-on-you.ga
  • gq-catalog.gq
  • spin2016.cf
  • pinkduck.ga
  • homemade.gq
  • scanner- (multiple variations on names)
  • compliance- (multiple variations on names)

This months segment should remove 100% of your referral spam, and you should download it directly from the Google Solution Gallery.

If you come across any other domains that should be added, please mention below, and I’ll add them to next months update…

3 Minute Video: How to Use This Analytics Referral Spam Segment

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Scott Hendison:

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  • Thank you for this blog post. It is ridiculous. Before filtering it out it was accounting for close to 15% of our data and totally skewing our numbers. I have to admit I was giving them exactly what they wanted because I was visiting the sites just to see what kind of site it was.

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