Wouldn’t it be great if there was a WordPress plugin that would let you give people a way to easily leave you a review at their preferred service?

For example, if I could fill in my profile links in the back end, and then just use a shortcode to display them for you to click – like this for example…

Visit our profile at Google Visit our profile at LinkedIn Visit our profile at Facebook
Visit our profile at Yelp

It’s a Free WordPress Plugin

We originally built this plugin for client use before putting it up at the WordPress repository.

Although it’s not brand new, it never really got off the ground, because I didn’t promote it very well.

After quite a long time, it was updated just today, and you can download our Review Profile Links plugin directly from WordPress.

Here’s a video showing how to use it…

For Yelp

Yelp has some ridiculous policies, (including blatantly lying to you about paying to disable competitor ads) and they frown upon you even ASKING for Yelp reviews, much less sending people to your Yelp page.

Therefore, although my video shows how to do that, instead it’s more effective to send users to a Google search for your business name at Yelp.  That’s how a normal person would find your business, so it only makes sense that this would help you get your review past their rigorous scrutiny. Click my link above as an example.


You shouldn’t need any support, because it works. However, if you do have a technical issue, please post here in the plugin support forum at WordPress, so that the entire community can benefit.

Feedback & Suggestions

While of course I would like to get your star rating and a review at WordPress, please do feel free to leave any improvement suggestions or other feedback in the comments below.

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