Video Production

Videos are offered in three formats (scroll down to see samples):

  • Profile – Introduce or showcase a business, a product or a service – See PDF

A profile is an interview-driven video that showcases who you are, what you sell, or what you do. It combines spontaneous engaging moments with unscripted authentic interviews, and tells a story that is guaranteed to grab attention and connect with your audience.

  • Testimonial – Establish additional credibility with real customers – See PDF

A testimonial is an interview-driven video that employs your best customers to recommend and endorse you. It combines spontaneous engaging moments with unscripted authentic interviews to tell a story that grabs attention and connect with your audience.

  • Ad – An online commercial, that should include a strong call-to-action – See PDF

An Ad is a script-based video designed specifically to solicit business from potential customers. It combines a strong call-to-action (ie. buy something, contact us) with engaging shots of your business in action to deliver a compelling story that grabs attention and persuades audiences.

All videos include the following:

  • A local videographer from your city
  • A two hour video shoot
  • Any requested special effects
  • Any requested voiceover talent
  • Legal (royalty free) music
  • Your logo and desired photos
  • ALL final editing
  • ALL post production fees
The Process: –
  • Producer –

You are assigned a producer, and a phone call is scheduled. This gives you both a chance to bounce around some ideas, and come up with a specific plan for the shoot.

  • Videographer –

A local videographer will arrive at your location, who will have the notes and scripts, and follow the written instructions of your producer. The photographer will work directly with you to do that they’re best at – creating art.

  • Editor –

To ensure that every video meets the highest standards, your producer then works with an exclusive network of experienced graphic editors. Video editing software is complicated, expensive, and time consuming, and removing the videographer from this process consistently delivers a better product.

  • Delivery –

Within ten business days, your producer will deliver your engaging and compelling videos, in HD (1080i) and downloadable in MOV, MP4 or Flash formats.

Product Samples: –
This is the caliber of video you can expect…

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