Paid Directory Listings

There are credible directories like Yahoo and others that charge a fee to be listed, and SOME of those directories can bring you inbound links, traffic, & visibility.

How do you know which directories are really worth the effort? Do they have a high “trust factor”? Is there a benefit of paid membership to these directories? How can you tell?

Through a subscription service, we keep our facts updated quarterly on the directories that are important to belong to, and which directories that are no longer worth the effort. This maximizes the value for money spent on directory listings by ensuring that every paid listing is one that actually matters.

There are directory submission services that use automated software, but quality directory submissions must be done by hand.

This is a fairly tedious and time-consuming process, but if done properly, the benefits can last for years, and pay off in more traffic, more visitors, and more dollars to your bottom line.

We will hand submit your website to only the top directories that are beneficial to you and your business, and as directories fall off the “preferred list”, we will no longer recommend or submit them.

Fees for directory listings
Rates very for individual paid directory listings, and our recommended paid directory list is held closely for internal client use only.

We only offer paid directory listings only to clients on monthly consulting agreements, and there is no additional charge to them for this service, beyond the fees charged by the directories themselves.

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