Social Networking

Social networking and social bookmarking are powerful tools, and when used correctly, can help can build inbound links to your website and drive traffic.

In some cases, the increased traffic may not lead to an immediate increase in sales, but given time, your community will grow and your “trust factor” will increase.

When social networking sites are used incorrectly, in an attempt to artificially manipulate search engine rankings and popularity, the results can backfire, doing irreparable damage to your reputation.

Sites like Digg, Reddit, Netscape, StumbleUpon and others are a vital part of my own online visibility, and to compete in todays environment, they must be visited, used and maintained regularly.

My own experience with the world of SEOcial networking has been limited to the past few months, but recently I’ve made it my mission to become more proficient in all of those aspects.

I’m now happy to be able to offer consulting in all aspects of social media networking and social bookmarking services to my own clients, who can expect my usual level of expertise and professionalism.

These services include content management, reputation building, content creation, blog promotion, article syndication and even submission assistance to important social networking and bookmarking sites.

Social networking is not a process that can be effectively automated, because it requires human interaction. That’s what makes community building such a powerful tool. It’s a time-consuming process, but one that simply cannot be overlooked in 2007.

I can help brand you as an expert in your field, submitting your content to many specialized communities, and generating conversation and buzz around your business and your industry.

Targeting search phrases in specialized areas, and promoting it to these various communities gives your content additional “legs”, by allowing it to be visible on domains other than your own.

This gives you a huge advantage over your competition, with more opportunities to appear in the search results, and it’s not unusual to have several of the top 10 search results be one particular article that is appearing in different domains.

If you don’t have the time to assign an employee to promote you in all of these social networking communities, then this is your best option for an efficient and economical solution to your social media needs.

Below, are my most recent blog posts having to do with Web 2.0, and all aspects of social networking and social bookmarking.

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