Keyword Research

Researching keywords and phrases being searched for by real people help identify the main focus areas that will drive customers to your website. Do you know what people are really looking for?

We help identify all associated and relevant key phrases for an industry, and provide them in a well ordered and clearly labeled list, that is explained, and makes sense.

We are also able to determine approximate numbers of people looking for any given phrase, identify competition, and estimate your potential difficulty ranking for each phrase, giving you a competitive edge, and letting you know what to expect.

Good keyword research takes a lot of time, and is an ongoing process of evaluation and examining statistics, but at this time, we are not offering keyword research reports for the general public, and are only providing our detailed reports for use of our monthly consulting clients.

Initial tools we use include the free Google keyword planner, the paid services of Wordtracker and Spyfu,  and a hidden gem called Keywords Magnet to determine the proper keywords for all of our monthly clients for content development, and for pay per click bidding.

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