Content Development

When a search engine tries to determine what subject a web page is about, it does look at your title, description, header tags, keywords tags etc., but it also reviews the text on your page.

The search engine spiders actually “read” the text on a page and make a determination of what subject that page is all about.

When it comes to search rankings, a large site that is constantly growing, with original, useful, and relevant content added frequently is going to rank better than a static site that seldom has any changes. That’s how an authority site becomes an authority.

In 2005 and earlier, it was fairly easy to use your targeted key phrases over and over to “trick” the search engines into thinking you had more relevant content on a page than the next webpage.

Times have changed, however, and things like “keyword density” and “keyword prominence” have a lot less effect than they used to in determining your ranking. Although they are still important, writing content for your visitors and not for the search engines is what will make you successful.

Today’s search engines are looking for the same things that your visitors are. Quality content that is well written and subject relevant to exactly what they are searching for.

At Search Commander, we offer many different levels of content development, and actually have authors that are either experienced with your market, or they will learn about your market, to bring you quality original articles for use on your website, your blog, or anywhere you see fit.

All content that is delivered is 100% original, and yours to keep, and do with as you wish, and it’s guaranteed not to be used anywhere else on the web, unless you place it there.

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