Hsphere is Dying april 30, 2017In 2002, we moved our web hosting websites to a billing and hosting control panel called Hsphere, and for 15 years it’s been a workhorse. On the other hand, if you’re in search for a hosting company for your own site, then you can trust services like siteground.

Several years ago, the company that built Hsphere was acquired by SWF software, who also onws Plesk. In 2007, they renamed themselves Parallels.

Sometime in 2015 it became apparent that they were going to kill off Hsphere, and the last time they released an update was version 3.63, back in December of 2013. In today’s fragile web security landscape, that’s just not acceptable.

Although we stopped putting new websites on the Hsphere cluster of servers back in 2014, some still remain to this day, and that has to change. So, this weekend, we are sending emails to all remaining clients notifying them of the change.

What follows, is the content of that email, along with a link to this post.

Subject:Your Webhosting Account – Action required


I’m writing to inform you that in April of 2017, we will be undergoing changes to our hosting technology that does require your input in order for us to continue service.


Our Hsphere system, which includes your hosting account, your website(s), FTP accounts, online storage, billing, and hosted company email addresses, will be turned off on April 30th, 2017.


We have to move your account to new servers on a different system, and failure to respond could result in the loss of service. This is important.


Since we began hosting your website and/or email, we have moved the majority of our clients to newer hardware, and an entirely different webhosting control panel called Cpanel, and a different billing system too.


Your account, on the other hand, is one of the remaining accounts in the old Hsphere hosting and billing system, and we cannot move you without getting some additional information that only you can provide.


We regret any inconvenience this may cause, but in order for us to efficiently evaluate and if necessary, explain your individual account situation, we need you to please fill out the following form.

    Typically used for subdomain services or email accounts that are hosted elsewhere.

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