Each month I update an Analytics segment with more Google Analytics referral spam domains, and Decembers additions are as follows:

  • Analytics referral spamranksonic
  • adf.ly
  • snip.to
  • copyrightclaims – (clever)
  • traffic2cash
  • black-friday
  • hosting-tracker
  • cyber-monday
  • alibestsale
  • floating-share-buttons
  • get-free-social-traffic
  • lsex

Usually after going through several client reports,  I update my segment, and then share directly to the Google Solutions Gallery.

Current Version – at the Google Analytics Solution Gallery

When I try to edit even the the name at the galley, much less the URL for the new segment, I get a red message telling me “This solution link is not from Google Analytics.”  Well it is.

Here’s an image of the error below and I hope Google fixes the problem. In the meantime, here’s a link to my most current Referral Spam Segment at Google.


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