I’m honored to be appearing in two sessions this year at Pubcon Las Vegas, the oldest internet marketing conference on the planet.

I will be speaking primarily on AMP – Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages…

Scott Hendison & Lauren Polinsky

Tuesday October 11 2016
Time 10:10a – 11:20a
Location Salon G
This session will look at maximizing mobile conversions in three parts:

  1. Mobile lead-gen and how advertisers can use pay-per-call marketing to improve mobile conversion optimization,
  2. Scoring more mobile conversions by providing easy, creative, and actionable tips
  3. User behavior on mobile devices and how marketers can tune their strategies to capture and leverage this very specific user intent.

I’ll be speaking with Lauren Polinsky, the Associate Director at Merkle, Inc. and the moderator will be Kris Jones of LSEO

Second Session

I’ll also be moderating a session on the second day, that I’m really looking forward to. This session is called…

Pubcon 2016 - Arnie Kuenn, CEO of Vertical Measures, Paul Madden Co-Founder of Kerboo and Shahid Awan, Global Head of SEO for  www.wimdu.com
Link Building Strategies That Move the Needle
Tuesday October 11
Time 3:10p – 4:15p
Location Salon A
Top SEOs know that your backlink portfolio is still critical to search success. 93% of all buyers online or in stores use search engines prior to making a purchase, and 86% of searchers conduct non-branded queries.

You need to have a strong presence in the search results, and links pointing to your web pages are still one of the most important aspects of search optimization. But how can you best achieve that result today?

The speakers will be Arnie Kuenn, the CEO of Vertical Measures, Paul Madden, Co-Founder of Kerboo, and Shahid Awan, the Global Head of SEO for Wimdu.

Pubcon Discount Coupon

Each year we are given discount coded to give out to our readers, but they’ve not arrived yet this year. When they do, I’ll update this post.

Are You Going?

If so, please let me know in the comments below, and the first beer is on me…

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