A new email scam has surfaced over the past couple of weeks, telling people that their WordPress Database needs to be updated, and providing a link.

This is no different than other phishing email scams that are out there, hoping to catch some of the millions of WordPress users in their net.

I did not actually follow the link, but have no doubt that it would eventually lead to a malware infection of some sort.

Always Hover Before Clicking

To be clear, this is *not* a legitimate email. “WordPress” is never going to email you about your database, and I could tell this one was fake by hovering my mouse pointer over the link, showing that it went to an overseas domain, other than my own.

WordPress Database Upgrade Scam

It’s important to remember that even when an email looks legitimate like this one did, you can aways see where the link is going to take you before you click, and that should be legitimate too.

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