Maybe I complain a lot, but I’m REALLY disgusted with the video quality on the Motorola Droid Turbo phone when the zoom is used. Really, it’s crazy bad, but Verizon Wireless says I’m stuck with it because I’m a month past the 14 day grace period. for the last couple of years I used my Samsung S4 to record plays, and now that football season has started, I had a chance to try my new one, and wow, what a shock.

It Only Happens on Zoom

I think this is a serious bug in the software or hardware, because everything is just fine until you try zooming… this is nuts! According to the specifications, the Droid Turbo has a much hider quality possible, and goes up to 4k resolution.

After being told “no” on the phone by Verizon Wireless, they sent me to the store where I bought the phone, and the general manager (who has the same phone) talked with me. He was stunned at what I showed him, he confirmed that his phone was the same, and he asked the manager to try and either fix my camera, or make it right and trade me phones for the newest Samsung Galaxy.

The Resolution Goes Bad and the Color Washes Out

The manager was great, he tried everything he could, updated my camera software and changed my settings to 4k and this is as good as it gets…



Good to know, I suppose, in case you’re considering a Motorola Droid Turbo…

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