We’ve all been hearing for a long time now about the mobile first index from Google and they announced in March that it was going to begin.

“Mobile-first indexing” means that when it kicks in for your website, then Googlebot will use the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking, rather than the desktop version.

Reports started surfacing about a month ago saying that mobile first indexing had begun, but I personally saw no indications or messages until now.

Only For One Client?

Yep. Finally, with access to well over 160 websites in Google Search Console, I got my first notification that mobile first indexing had begun for a single website.

Email from Google

That same message came three separate times, but in the four days since, no other notifications have arrived so far for any other sites, even for some in the exact same industry (different city) as this one.

Google said they were going to roll this out industry by industry, but I didn’t realize they were going to do a website by website also.

Have You Been Notified?

If you haven’t yet seen a notification in your own search console messages, rest assured it will be coming someday, you just have to be patient.

If you have seen any messages, I’d love to know for what industry the website belongs to. Would you be so kind as to leave that in the comments?

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