You’ve probably got a Majestic account, but when’s the last time you logged in? Have you seen both of the new visualization features that they released last month?

Their hubs of authority graphic helped me spot a Google partner link scheme in mid July, and this weekend their new word cloud practically bit me in the butt with an embarrassing and obvious problem.

“Hubs of Authority” Graphic

Simply copy and paste up to ten competing domains into the box in Majestic Clique Hunter, and you’ll get a visual graphic, letting you instantly identify common domains on the left, that link to you and your competitors on the right. , organized by trust flow. The options and interactivity makes it easy to see which sites are most influenced by which hubs of authority.


Hub of Authority graphic by Majestic, showing a dental link scheme

Word Cloud Visualization

Over the weekend I was playing around checking some of my own old affiliate domains that I’ve not yet let expire. I was going to see see which ones had “abusively stupid anchor text” that could lead to a Google penalty, or that were simply not working, and this one practically bit me!

After entering a domain and running a report,  just navigate to the anchor text tab,  and look in the top right to enable wordcloud, choosing either phrases or words.

When you’re still doing something dumb,  like I was below, the graphic really has more of an impact, don’t you think?

A Majestic wordcloud graphic showing abusive anchor text for "electronic cigarettes"

If you have an account, log in and try these out, and if you don’t, then you should sign up for a free account here.  In the interest of full disclosure, these are *not* affilate links… primarily because they have no affiliate program ;(

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