Old Search Console is missingThis morning Google killed off access to the “old” Webmaster Tools interface in Google Search Console, and with it, they’ve removed convenient access for two needed tools.

If you’ve been poking around trying to find them, you’re not the only one, and a lot of people are commenting about it on Twitter.

On the left side of the new Search Console, you can still get to some, but not all, of the legacy Webmaster Tools…

Legacy Tools

Unless they make further changes in the future, these direct links to the tools below will work.

What do you think of the “new” Google Search Console?

My biggest complaint about new Search Console is the inefficiency of cleaning up errors, which forces a 45 to 60 second manual process for each URL, instead of just checking the boxes as fixed.

delete a sitemapBy the way, to delete an existing sitemap in the new interface, you now have to click into the sitemap and click the 3 dots menu and choose “remove”. That wasn’t an option until recently.

Have you got anything to add to the list above? What else might be missing?

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