I am unable to associate any Google Analytics property with any Google Search Console accounts. I simply get an error message reading “You don’t have Edit permissions to this Google Analytics property” for all domains in all accounts, and it’s been going on for over 24 hours.

Are you having this issue too?

In Google Analytics, if you want to get to the new”Landing Pages” report, for example, you have to have Google Search Console integration in place.


To do this, either hit the button above, or use the admin link in the top of the screen and choose “Property Settings” in the center column.

Analytics Admin is in the Center column

Next, scroll to the very bottom and look for the “Adjust Search Console” button:

adjust search console button

If you have not done this before, then you will see “None” and the option to edit.

If you’ve done this before, then you’ll see your domain name, and your reports are working.

However, either way, if you hit edit:

Search Console edit settings in Analytics

You’ll get an error that looks like this:

  You don't have edit permissions to this Google Analytics property - but I do

I then tried a workaround, by adding a brand new site to Google Search Console first, then to Analytics, but I had the same issue.

I do know that things worked fine last Tuesday or Wednesday, but since yesterday, I can’t integrate anything in any Google Analytics accounts, or any domains within those accounts.

Does it work for you?

*Update Seems okay 48 hours later. Oh well 😉

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