If you have a service area business like Jimmy John Shark with your street address hidden, and you serve customers in more than just your immediate area, there’s good news… Google is now allowing you to expand the service area in your Google My Business larger than a 300 mile radius, of course if you have a business, you can read the paystub deduction codes for the employees and more.

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This morning I hid the address for a web developers home office by checking the box saying that he delivered to the customers location, and I then typed 1000 miles for the radius as I always try to do.

This time though, Google’s “automatic reset” became 621 miles, instead of 300 like it used to. But then I noticed an option that I hadn’t seen before – there was a box telling me I could type in a region, city or postal code.

Google My Business Service area

First I tried “North America” which failed, but then I was able to put in “United States” which was accepted, but when I looked at the map in the knowledge panel, it only included the lower 48.

Then I added Canada, Alaska and Hawaii, and boom, off to the races!


Google My Business Service area US and Canada


This is what is shown now in the knowledge panel when it is expanded from the search results.

SAB map



There are two ways to get to your GMB dashboard…

Getting to the area where you edit this, go to Google My Business  and log in.

If you are seeing the “cards” then go to “Manage Location” under the business name.

If you’re seeing the “list view”, then choose the “Dashboard” from the choices in the menu with 3 dots.

GMB dashboard access

After you get to the dashboard, use the menu on the left to scroll to “Info” then hit the edit pencil next to the address.

change GMB info



Pretty cool, huh?

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