Google does not always send malware discovery notifications to site owners when they notify the public. I know, because it happened to me again today.

Today I got an email from my friend David Portney, showing me that Google was displaying a security warning when people went to a website of mine.  He sent me this screen shot –

website hacked Google warning


How could I have been so careless as to miss the warning in Webmaster Tools – err, Search Console?

I logged in, expecting to see a recent date, but there was nothing mentioned –

No malware warning from Google Search Console

I wrote about this once before, back in 2010 , but in that case, when I went to the messages area for the individual domain, there actually WAS a message. This time though? Nothing new in there since 2013.

Doing a search for my brand name, “SEO Automatic”  I can instantly see that Google DID take the time to warn the public that the site is dangerous.


How Can They Not Warn Me Too?

Why does this happen? Why is there a disconnect between what Search Console reports, and what actually goes in front of the public?

How does it make sense to not warn the site owner FIRST, or at least at the same time, as you are reducing their traffic and hurting their reputation?  If you can’t let me know first, then at LEAST let me know at the same time you alert the public. Wouldn’t that be reasonable?

No malware warning from Google Search Console


How and why does this happen? Have you seen this happen too?


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