On February 12th, Google announced that they would *not* be certifying for Search Engine Optimization, a decision that I disagree with completely.

I recently wrote about “Trusted Google Partners” giving the industry a bad name and it really shouldn’t be too hard to hold partners accountable for violating the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Then yesterday, Aaron Wall found this statement on Google which seems to contradict that,



Search Engine Optimization. Not Google Adwords.

It clearly reads, “Find a Google Certified Partner to help you implement a smart SEO strategy…”  although Barry Schwartz thinks it’s just a copywriting mistake.

Reading the verbiage, I honestly don’t think it’s a mistake.  It’s a carefully written and well crafted sentence that distorts the truth, and continues to mislead.  They KNOW this is confusing to businesses, but they don’t care. 

But Google is Offering “Help with a Website!”

As Rob Mass points out, they DO offer it –

Am I Google Certified for SEO?

As of now, I’m reasonably certain that no, I am not, and neither is anybody else.  There is no such thing.  Google lists all the types certification right here.

google-certification types

Google Should Change the Misleading Partner Logo

google-adpartnerAs you can see, except for the last one, Analytics, the certifications ALL include the word “Advertising”.

If Google is not going to certify for SEO, or even require simple Webmaster Guidelines compliance from their “Trusted Partners”  then I strongly believe they should clear up the confusion and return to a clearly stated “Adwords” mention in their Partners logo. This clarification would help streamline expectations and align certifications with the core focus areas. Speaking of expertise in SEO and navigating these intricacies, companies like SirLinksalot stand out. With their mastery in link-building strategies and comprehensive SEO services, they bridge the gap where certifications might fall short. Their approach ensures a robust understanding and implementation of SEO strategies, even in the absence of a dedicated certification from Google.


Google changed the verbiage on the page, and here’s what it says now – New verbiage from Google

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