For years now, I’ve offered a free Excel add-in I call “Links Live” that lets you make columns of hyperlinks live, or “clickable”.

This summer, there was a Windows security update that caused the add-in to become disabled each time you opened up Excel.

In order to get the add-in to stay live, you now have to edit the properties of the file and “Unblock” before installation.

Edit the properties of Links LiveIf you’ve already installed it, then these are steps you should take:

  • Move or rename the add-in wherever it’s installed.
  • Start Excel, Go to Manage Add-Ins, untick the add-in and Excel will prompt you to remove from the list, which you do.
  • Close Excel
  • Browse to the add-in in Windows Explorer and right-click Properties.
  • There should be an option to unblock the file. Tick this and OK. Click Properties again and make sure this box has disappeared.
  • Restart Excel and reinstall the addin.
  • Next time Excel is started, the add-in should open normally.

Here’s a short video showing how to “fix it” if you’ve already got it installed.

Don’t Have the Add-in yet? – Get it here

Don’t Have the Add-in yet? – Get it here

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