If you’ve had your website for more than three years, Google is taking away a major ability to do analysis, if you don’t check a certain box, by the end of the day TODAY.  Those aren’t my words, they come from a video I just watched by Jeff Sauer

Depending on how you use Google Analytics, you may not even care, but if you don’t change your settings right now, you’ve given up your ability to decide.  Why take that chance?

Here’s how to make the change:

  • Step 1 – Log into Google Analytics
  • Step 2 – Go to the “gear” icon for Admin in the bottom left of the screen
  • Step 3 – In the center column under “Tracking info” select “Date Retention”
  • Step 4 – Change the dropdown from 26 months, to “Do Not Automatically Expire”

Google Analytics Data Retention

It’s a very straightforward process, that should only take you a moment, and requires no technical skills. If you decide to change your mind, you can always change it back tomorrow.

Here’s the video that he made, and I’ve set the video to begin right at the heart of what you’ll be losing.

My Clients Are Are Already Covered

If you’re a current or even a former client of mine who never removed my access, don’t worry. Over the past couple of weeks, I have already adjusted the setting for every single Analytics account and every single property (domain) to which I have access.

If for some incomprehensible reason this is not what you want, then no problem, it can be changed back.

However, if you don’t make the change TODAY, before you go to bed, then you may NEVER be able to change your mind. So, like it says at the end of the video, don’t wait – do it NOW, and if you want to learn more, read Jeffs full post here .

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