Each month I release a new update to my Google Analytics referral spam segment, adding more domains to block from screwing up your Google Analytics,

This months additions are:

  • Analytics referral spamsudouest
  • cyber-monday.ga
  • searchlock
  • rusexy
  • santasgift
  • boost-my-site
  • o-o-8-o-o
  • googlemare
  • quit-smoking
  • top1-seo-service
  • make-money-online
  • makemoneyonlineGoogle Analytics Solutions Gallery
  • website-stealer
  • tenexfastprocedure
  • w3javascript
  • anonymous-redirect
  • responsimulator
  • build- (covers several)
  • your.website
  • trafficgenius
  • website-analyzer
  • uptimechecker
  • topseoservices
  • printingpeach
  • scripted

I have updated my segment and you can download it directly from the Google Solutions Gallery

If you have other spam referral domains showing up, please leave a note here in the comments, and they will be added to next months version.

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