Here’s a one minute video showing how to add a manager to your Google My Business page. This video has been added to my Youtube channel, and you can read more about it here in this post since there’s a transcription below.


When you first log into Google My Business, you’re going to see your business listed down here. It’s either going to be listed in a tile like this or it’s going to be in list view like this. Depending on the two listings, there’s a different way to add a manager. Aside from adding a manager, you might also want to hire virtual assistants so you can run your business smoothly.

Let’s say it’s in “listing view” like this, which is this button right here. You’re just going to click in. Now over on the right here, you can see who has access. You just hit the edit pencil, then there’s a little plus icon in the top right to invite new users.

If you go in through the list view, or the card view rather, you’re going to go to Manage Location, and if you were to go into Edit here, you would see that there’s no icon over on the right to add a manager. However, you do have all these menu items over here on the left. This is where you can go to users, and at that point, you’ll see the option to invite new users. You just hit that and you’re on your way.

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